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Magpie and Me

By artsplay, Feb 11 2016 11:04PM

I have been busy making plans for the next phase of Magpie and Me adventures. I'll be sad to be leaving tne nest on Market Hill but I'm looking forward to greater flexibility too.

Selling and running workshops form market stalls and at events will be very different, not least that it is much more weather dependant, I'm planning knitting some socks and a hat - I think I'm going to need them from March 6th when I start " On the hill at Framlingham, I look forward to being more integrated into the market community.

Today at the knit and natter group at Fralingham Library, I started knitting some multicoloured socks. they are in DK wool 75% and 25% nylon. I think I'm going to need them. I've finished the rib on 1st one, and its oddly compelling.

I don't know how people manage to knt and natter at the same time becuase I find it difficult to do both at the same time. Since starting this little group in November last year it has grown to around 12 women from all walks of life.

By artsplay, Jul 12 2015 10:09PM

Thanks to everyone who contributed to BEE Inspired show at Magpie and Me. especially to Annette Rolston who curated and coordinated such a lovely range of talent. As well as her own fantastic linocut prints onto fabric ( a joint venture with Mike Fenton) of that more pics soon. Annette ferryed foirteen artists work from Diss - Framlingham - Walshingham then on to Glemham for Folk East Show.

Not only that Annette had an actual bee swatm to contend with last Monday, when over enthusiastic bees swatmed to Magpie and Me on the last but one day of the show. I think she made a video of the event too - can't wait to view this. That will be something to Inspire the Eden Project with.

We would also like to thank Tanya Newton from Badginham Bees, who kindly loaned bee equipment and flowers that attract bees and also to bee-keeper Paul O'Neil who bottled up some delcious Honey

By artsplay, Apr 3 2013 09:03AM

Was just looking for pictures of a thrush when this bird appeared on the ivy through my window. It reappeared a few days later with another thrush presumably prospecting for nest.

By artsplay, Mar 28 2013 08:46PM

These are the two paper mache magpies I made for the new artisan bakery in Southwold. Two Magpies Bakery is due to open this Easter weekend, and i can't wait to try the results of months of hard work by Becky and Jim Bishop.

By artsplay, Jan 11 2013 09:00AM

Magpie and Me POP UP shops have proved to be a lovely way to showcase the work of local artists and artisans. Such as this amazingly beautiful work by artist and postwoman Sherie Brinkley.

Sherie produces this fabulous work in her spare time, but I think her work deserves to be better known. The pastel like drawn qualities in her work are produced through hand dyed felted wool on canvas and embelished with hand stitched embroidery.

Sherie also paints and handspins wool for her rag and wool rugs. Her recent artwork has dreamy ethereal qualities hard to pin down in words. Ash Trees and a Fox resting in a leafy hollow reflect a sensitivity to nature and its perils, in tactile way. The results are both pleasing and moving

To see work like this see About Artists